"We serve ... So others may prosper."
Israel Manor Inc.

The Conversation Center at Israel Baptist Church
Providing support in healing.

Although the Conversation Center at Israel Baptist Church is currently inactive; the Center model is designed to provide an outreach intervention and prevention program for persons who are living with HIV/AIDS, diabetes or obesity, or who are in need of substance abuse support services. Services provided include information sharing, counseling, referrals, science-based health education and light refreshments in a friendly environment that promotes an open-door concept.  

Support services such as awareness activities, screening, testing, treatment, and counseling have been available for youth, adults, senior citizens and entire families. Community services are utilized to augment the program implemented by the Site Coordinator. An inviting and nurturing space is provided to accommodate up to 10 persons within the Center where program participants can come and feel truly embraced. During its operation, the Center cultivated partnerships with local community organizations like Unity Health Care to co-sponsor neighborhood health fairs to attract large numbers of prospects on site to access services -- particularly HIV/AIDS testing. Given the epidemic needs of the city, IMI expects to restore and expand the Conversation Center services to be responsive to the needs of more participants.
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